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New animation

2012-02-08 17:36:38 by LulzCal

Go watch it if you want!

New animation


2011-08-20 21:10:50 by LulzCal

[General shit] [Upcoming animation preview]

For now, I leave you with this.


2011-08-16 19:52:23 by LulzCal


Started working on this, attempting to make a very dark and atmospheric animation, build around the premise that in this fictional world peoples emotions are strictly controlled.

Enjoy a few screencaps. :)

Edit: Teaser trailer! :O

Edit 2: Much longer teaser (just watch this instead of the 1st.)


At the time of writing...

2011-08-02 19:51:25 by LulzCal

It is now 100 days till Skyrim releases on 11.11.11.


2011-06-03 17:23:22 by LulzCal

I don't really like it that much, too hot. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, why? Lovely looking trees, my birthday, new beginnings and Christmas excitement!

Still, its fucking Summer and I'll have to deal with it. What does Summer mean for a teenager? Spare time, and lots of it. Soon enough my exams will be over (well, the important ones anyway), and I'll have about 2 MONTHS of spare time. Sure, about 40% (probably less if you include sleeping and stuff) of my time will be spent outside with friends and family, camping and stuff like that. But the remaining huge amount of time will be free. I'm desperately trying for a job, but even that won't fill all my time.

So if I get a job, that's another chunk of spare time gone. And before I carry on, spare time is great IF you've been really busy recently. But if I don't keep myself occupied I'll go insane :P. Still, there's evenings where there's nothing to do, so what then? I'll probably buy some new games, maybe even... renew my WoW account? Nah, I'll get bored after a day or two as always. I've wanted to pick up L.A. Noire, but apparently it has literally no replay value. I'm a huge fan of games with a strong narrative though, so maybe I'll rent it. I've wanted to pick up Enslaved for a while, but I might get that tomorrow. Maybe I'll play through the Half-Life series again, but I've finished them all so many times so I'll probably give up halfway through. Might dust off some of my older consoles, or pick up some PS2 classics and run through them again.

I'll probably work on the flash game I'm developing, and get that out sometime in the Summer. Its looking pretty cool so far and its quite fun. Still, if I don't get a job, these things aren't going to fill up whole days :C. Yeah, that's number one concern for now, get a job. I need routine in my life XD. I've applied to a few toy stores (one where I get to build Lego dioramas, how AWESOME would that be) and Homebase so far (that's a sort of hardware store for you Amerifolk). I'm actively looking for more each day too. The money will be helpful anyway, although I'll probably blow it on useless junk! If I can get together enough, it'll be spent on PC upgrades.

One more week of important exams!

I am a mod

2011-04-21 09:06:56 by LulzCal

Of this user page. I can delete posts and stuff. I love my huge amount of power.


2011-04-03 14:16:22 by LulzCal

Has got to be one of the most played games for me ever. I bought it about 2 years ago when it was first around and not very popular at all, and to this day I can still find myself playing it for hours. It really is a breath of fresh air and I've got to applaud Notch for getting it this far. And the rest of the Mojang crew as well of course.

Pokemon Black/White

2011-03-06 16:42:45 by LulzCal

Well, just Black as my brother got White.

So far, I'm really enjoying the games. I still get that same excitement I got when playing the Red years ago. That nostalgic feel and excitement has naturally died a little, but its still a brilliant game.

The story is much more complicated and dynamic this time around. Your still going to get the 8 badges, beat the baddies, catch the Pokemon on the front and challenge the Elite Four. But the evil team this time around, Team Plasma, has much more complex views than just 'taking over the world'. I won't go to much into it as you may not of played them yet, but its a welcome change than the regular cliché. A lot of new Pokemon have been added into the game, 156 to be precise. That brings the total to a massive 649 Pokemon! When I first saw the new Pokemon I was sceptical, but most of them look really awesome. Some of the legendaries are a bit odd but oh well.

The battling has been vastly improved and is brilliant fun. The animations and dynamic camera are great, and despite my initial worries, do not slow down the battles. In fact, they feel more streamlined then ever before. They look nice too :D. Triple battles are pretty good, and when I finish the game (I'm 6 badges in at the moment) I'm sure the triple battles will be a great addition to the competitive side of Pokemon. The difference with triple battles and double battles, is obviously there's one more Pokemon, but also there are a few more tactics. For example, there are certain combo moves that can be combined to form a devastating attack. Another thing is that the order of the Pokemon actually matter. The one on the left can only attack the opponents left and middle Pokemon, the one on the middle can attack all three, and the one on the left can attack the middle and right. It makes sense to put your 'tank' Pokemon in the middle, as it can attack all three, but also must have a lot of HP to withstand possible attacks from all three of the opponents Pokemon. Rotation battles are a bit rubbish.

Further more on the gameplay, the controls are the same as always, and still adopt the press X to reach menu. One thing that's been thankfully overhauled is the speeds that you run, walk and bike. They are all much faster now. The C-Gear which initially had me confused, is the wireless hub of the game. You don't have to go to the Pokemon Centre now to do local trades and battles, you can simple select it from the infra red section of the C-Gear. You can also do battles this way which is good. Some of the Wi-Fi features are on there, and so is something called Feeling Check. A cool thing about the C-Gear is it tells you if somebody is playing nearby you, and allows you to see where they are in Unova, what they're doing and you can send them short messages. Although all I'll probably ever see on this is my brother, its a nice feature.

Now I'm going to cover the region of Unova itself. This is probably one of the weaker parts of the game. Don't get me wrong, its still a great region and I am just nitpicking, but its pretty damn linear. There are no cross paths or wondering where to go as the region is basically one set path. Take a look at this image for the path the game takes you along. Then compare it with this image of the Sinnoh region. Unova looks very linear and simple compared to the other regions, except maybe Johto. But even that does require some backtracking. Apart from the linearity of the world in Black and White, so far it seems to be a very exciting and diverse region. Castelia City (The 3D looking one with the big skyscrapers) is pretty big and quite overwhelming at first, and for me that's a first for a Pokemon game. The desert place is pretty good, and the scenery everywhere looks great.

Now that I've covered the majority of other things, I'm going to cover the graphics. The battles look much better now, animations are smooth and although Pokemons back sprites are a bit pixelated, it shouldn't bother you much. I went back to SS and tried battling, it felt very weird without a dynamic camera and Pokemon animations. All the new 3D effects and graphics look brilliant. Crossing Skyarrow bridge was brilliant, it looked great. Scenery looks brilliant as ever, and the grass looks much more like grass now. Seasons are a great aesthetic change, even though I've only seen Autumn (On my game) and Winter (On my brothers game). The season changes once per month.
Thankfully, the overall Pokemon visual style has still been mostly maintained, although it is weird seeing cars for some reason. A lot of the time, especially when in circular rooms and on bridges, the camera will zoom out and follow the player. While distorting the sprite for the main character for obvious reasons, it looks awesome and is a step forward for graphics in a portable Pokemon game. There seem to be three large bridges in Unova, and the two that I've crossed looked great.

Overall, Black/White are the best Pokemon games since Gen II. A lot of great features have been added and its hard to see many faults, apart from the layout of the region perhaps. Brilliant new mechanics, graphics and features. Worth the buy even if you've never played a Pokemon game before.

Any questions please ask! :)

They're everywhere...

2011-02-01 16:51:46 by LulzCal

Its begun.

They're everywhere...

Super Meat Boy

2010-12-28 19:12:44 by LulzCal

Wow... best XBLA game since Castle Crashers. Fuck, this game is pretty hard. Just managed to beat it, and now got a huge headache. Brilliant game though, unforgiving, takes the complete piss but still regains that 'one more go' style!